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Watamu Marine Association

Watamu Marine Association


“The Watamu Marine Association is a unique organisation bringing together members from the local tourism industry, those working with environmental issues and the local community.


They all form part of this valuable initiative which promotes ecological issues and aim to make a positive impact on the local economy for the benefit of local people and tourism without it being detrimental to the local wildlife.


The main projects include Community Waste Management and Recycling which employs disadvantaged local people in helping keep Watamu clean and reutilising marine debris as a business.


This initiative was pioneered and is supported with a Turtle Bay Beach Club partnership.  Wildlife welfare features with the WMA Dolphin and Whale Research and Eco -Tourism project which assists Kenya Wildlife Service with information to help protect the numerous species of dolphins, whales and other marine mammals found in Kenya. Importantly the WMA is also a strong collective voice to help ensure the environmental laws are upheld on the coast and in the ocean.


Essentially the WMA brings together all sections of the Watamu coastal community who work for the benefit of the people through eco tourism enterprises and for the protection of the marine environment.

The WMA is a voluntary non profit organisation and invites skilled volunteers from all over the world to work with its various demanding projects which ultimately is guaranteed to provide a personally rewarding experience.

The WMA website is packed with information about Watamu; take a look and find out about local businesses, places to visit and ways that you can aid and assist the local community and protect and preserve Watamu Marine Park and Reserves.

There is a wealth of knowledge here, as the information is all provided and collated by locals who know, understand and care about this very special part of the Kenyan coast.”

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