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Deep Sea Fishing
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An angler's dream of watching the leaping antics of a hooked sailfish or the struggle with a huge marlin and other monsters from the deeps can become a reality when fishing out from Turtle Bay. Offshore is offered some of the best of Africa's big game sport for a host of species while the Beach Club makes a perfect base from which to operate, and to relax between the rigorous sessions.


Fishes encountered include Black, Blue and Striped Marlin, Sailfish, Broadbill, Tiger, Hammerhead and Bull Sharks, Wahoo, Kingfish, Greater Trevally, Cobia, Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, Grouper, Red, Ruby and other Snappers along with many other smaller species.

Within the confines of the Marine Reserve will be seen a number of quality game-fish boats, large diesel powered craft all backed with experienced and knowledgeable captains and extremely competent and well-trained crews. Aboard will be the best quality tackle for use, ranging from bait rods and reels to the really heavy gear, plus a fighting chair. Visiting anglers who wish to try fly-fishing for the bigger species are advised to bring their own tackle. Full safety equipment, shelter from the hot sun and plenty of cold soft drinks and water are available. Your needs the day before will be the booking of an early call and the lunch box. Lightweight clothing, a wide-brimmed hat and high factor sun cream makes up the list.

With departure at 6 a.m.., leave the hotel beach around dawn turn left and a short walk will find the captain on the sands by Ocean Sports where a small boat is ready to take the party to the game vessel. Discuss with the captain as to the preferences for species and personal fishing experience. This is invaluable when it comes to striking and hooking.

The season commences in August and continues until March. Few of the game species are resident, simply passing through the local waters. As a general guide as there are no fixed rules on fishing habitats, marlin are first on the scene in pursuit of the tuna shoals, which in themselves find the bigger ones around in September - November. Thereafter smaller specimens abound for the rest of the season.

Sailfish arrive north of Turtle Bay at the beginning of November, then move down and provide excellent sport until the close. Larger billfish, the marlins are to be found again from January to March.

Experience the searing reel runs of the wahoo which join the fighting qualities of the kingfish and barracuda, the back-aching contest with greater trevally usually taken on live bait worked deeper by means of the downrigger, this species never seems to tire.

On light tackle, dorado, particularly the larger females will cause excitement.

Sometimes the captain will recommend a short spell at bottom-fishing, some 500 feet deep where big groupers are present along with many of the snapper family. Bringing the catch up from these depths is very tiring!

With a fight ahead which could last for hours, a meeting with a large tiger shark which can attain four figures will never be forgotten or the need of the fighting chair.

Where else in the world will this combined package of climate, boats, friendly people, a host of species and a perfect base in Turtle Bay Beach Club be found?

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